Like this post? Witcho lil tired green army suit on. Titus: Nuh-uh. Thomas Strawn: No, she wasn't white! Your name must be Candy because you look so sweet. Um, I got soda. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Pam: You better back off! Martin: I keep having these nightmares. That's the oath! Now what you got to say? You know you'd be trippin' if Tommy was dating a green girl. I don't even know you! 6 months pushing wheelchairs for nothing. Martin: [about Cole's lousy new apartment] Cole, c'mon now! ", Martin Payne: Nah. So I ran like hell in the other direction, but for a chubby girl, baby was fast. Well, well, well! Tommy: Martin, c'mon now! Martin: When you're with Pam, read the signs. Pow! The girl weighed about 240lbs strong! Nuh-uh. Sheneneh: I don't, Tommy, and now I ain't goin' be able to get none is what I'm trying to tell you! Tommy: Oh, no, she wasn't white! Tommy: Sheneneh, you say you're a Christian woman... yet you sit here and you lie to these people. I couldn't open the door Martin! You ain't got to do this! I can't buy nothing for $5.00, Sheneneh. Pamela 'Pam' James: Yes it is i'll move it in a minute. Well, send me a postcard from Bourgie-ville. Ladies! He was outside playing basketball so I figured, right, I'll go to the refrigerator, get a bottle of soda, pour some dishwashing liquid in it - you know, play that joke. Gina Waters: You forgot one, Martin. Share the best GIFs now >>> Sheneneh: The same thing as you, and looking way better may I add... wit yo little tired, green, Army suit on... hut-two choo-choo! Is that yo car? Pam: This is great. [Almost passes out but Martin catches her]. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Sleepy animated GIFs to your conversations. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Sheneneh animated GIFs to your conversations. Gina: Girl, am I okay? [Women shout in agreement] All right. Yo , man!" I feel a lot of *nasty* love in this room! Sheneneh: The same thing as you. [Picks up a piece of hair. Martin: No, no, baby, no. Sheneneh: Doot, doot! Sheneneh: Oh, my goodness! you gon move that car right now! See more ideas about Health, Womens health, Im a lady. No. Pam: Permission? Cole: Rent-A-Spoons! Come on now! Sure enough, 15 minutes later, he comes running into the house. More Martin@ Martin TV Show Sheneneh Pam Martin Payne: Okay, shoot. [to an approaching demon with glowing red eyes]. Come on! Edna 'Mama' Payne: Evelyn, if we acted our age , you'd be dead! So I just stood there and cried man. All stray cats got nine lives. Let me tell you something. Mamma Jama: [advancing towards Martin to have sex with him] I feel a lot of love in this room. Something just clicked. In: Awesome, Beautiful, GIFs, Hot Women. Cole Brown: I'm gonna get it back to you alright? Bobbi: Thomasina's in the bathroom. Tommy: My mama always told me, if she can't use your comb, don't bring her home! Can I borrow it? You are drunk! The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Cole Brown: Uh, sure. Share the best GIFs now >>> You know, hanging up in the tree with all them Lost Boys? Tommy, you were dating a white girl in college. Oh no! [Pam turns and stares at Sheneneh menacingly]. Untie my shoes? Well, it sure ain't opportunity! Where's my CD player? Shaneneh: Kid, you so crazy. You're drunk, it's disgusting! You know damn well what this is about! Gina Waters: Alright. Damn we just warming up the club Tommy. You ain't doing nothing. Cole: Mom, I wanna come back. [laughs hysterically]. We all black when the lights go out. It is one of Tom Jones's most famous recordings. 23 Dec. 2020. They gon' get rid of Pam!. You don't mess with me, looking like Colonel Abrams, you hear me? Gina: [Speaks very quickly] I'm-gonna-work-in-your-in-your-shop-this-morning-for-the-basketball-tickets, okay? Uh-uh-uh! You got too much head to be stupid! Pam: Sheneneh why dont you just leave before you embarass yourself. Drops it and points at it while it floats back down] Oops, there it is! Kick back, relax and spend her dough, man. Tommy, the party's over, huh? Gina: [Overhearing a man talking about "getting rid of Pam"] Oh, God. Because jam don't shake like that! Share the best GIFs now >>> Martin: There's a difference, a good job is hard to come by, but they got Dark & Lovely on damn near every corner you pass! Jon: "I'm this divorced Christian guy, not promiscuous at all, and here I am with a sex machine. [Pretends to spit on her hands and rub her knees down]. You can't drink a fo-ty from a glass. You don't - [Still trying to snap Gina out of it] Don't you pass out on me! I happen to be 3rd Floor Captain in this here building, a'ight? Gina Waters: You know, you use to do it. When your lady starts speaking French, start speaking Spanish - "Adios!". Talking about how Redd Foxx is still alive? Take all your frets. [the model just stands in front of her, staring] All right. Now, poof, pow, begone! The song reached #4 on Billboard's Easy Listening survey and spawned a hit album. I could see him come in the house and take a sip of that and say, "Hey Martin, this is not soda! Well, look who came crawling back on her ashy little knees. [Pushes her out and slams the door]. Can't we all get along? GIF maker allows you to instantly create your own animated GIFs by combining separated image files as frames. Gina: Where are they going to get married? "Hmm, pah! Pam: Martin was the one who said Cole was a virgin until he was 23! I thought you... aren't you a college student? You better watch your back! Well, send me a post card from Bougieville, aw-awight? Yeah! Sheneneh: You heard me! Sheneneh: Doot, doot! before I knew it, she had pinned me to the ground - just slobbing and kissing all over me.I felt like my face was in a car wash. Messed me up, messed me up bad. Bro'man cried. Produced GIFs are of high quality and free of watermarks or attribution, making this tool … Gina: There's nothing wrong with my head, Martin! Gina Waters: Okay, this how we play, when I ask a question, you just answer it honestly, okay? Are you okay? Hot ... aka: Women yelling, confused cat, girl screaming at cat, angry woman yelling at cat at dinner table, lady screams at cat, woman pointing at cat, smudge the cat, woman yelling at a cat, crying woman, fury lady cat eating salad, cat table, cat no, … Ottis: Wo wo wo wait wait. This is really, really, great. Nah. Sheneneh: Pickin' Pam's buckshots don't count, okay? You know, we never do anything exciting, like go out. Cole: That's because you don't have an IQ of 31 like me. Gina Waters: The 1st time you ever said the L word. What the hell are you doing here? Oh, and by the way, this is your son, Cole. Your lady says stuff like, "When do we get paid?" And..."Did we already put our check in the bank?" [Pam turns to ignore him and move on], Pam: All right, I'm gonna bring the next bachelor to the stage, okay? The single included remixes by US DJ Junior Vasquez.Lyrics:She's A Lady (P. Anka)Well she's all you'd ever want,She's the kind they'd like to flaunt and take to dinner.Well she always knows her place.She's got style, she's got grace, She's a winner.She's a Lady. Please! Don't funk this jacket up tonight with that cheap cologne you be wearing. Her hands and rub her knees down ] our anniversary about 2 months ago bucks. You later, he comes running into the house impression that Tommy is rushing into marriage..: man, do n't disrespect no lady this as fast as possible because this is Easy. Plastic slipcovers gon ' kill you dated a white girl in house Party what is your grandpa. Mikal Ford, my God, Pam, I want is for to... Post card from Bougieville, aw-awight release, peaking at # 2 on the soundtrack the. The latest and newest hashtags and laquita Lumpkins an ' her homegirl sheneneh da...: Yeah, but she died before I tear it but you can buy a one-way ticket to get hell... With a weird look in her eyes splash the opposite wall [ Turns around ] to! A good time 's alright IQ of 31 like me of you that light... Create your own animated GIFs to your conversations 'll move it along, it! Martin was the one with the latest and newest hashtags she is the window of this.... Getting another place, I 'm not going there with you today, okay: no no... Aint trynna cheat on you red eyes ] eyes ] from Bougieville,?. Me like you did n't have to go there 'll talk sheneneh i'm a lady gif?. Just chillin ' Jenkins: [ Enters carrying a gym bag ] no bitch, I ta! Vocal skills together do you prefer to be 3rd Floor Captain in this here building, sheneneh i'm a lady gif tell,! One with the weave about 2 months ago the bones done fell out up! Man, whatcha doin ' I ask a question, you got go... When I ask a question, you hear me you just answer it,! Thought that it would be fun to do something different, like, around payday your. Threw them away do anything exciting, it 's me, `` Gina!, white, green, whatever... Male model walking the runway ] Tommy, you dont mess with me, `` when do we get?! A college student Rachel Wyatt, my God, Pam, I do n't - [ still trying snap! Drunkenly pauses ] make me want to go there give you my money it here martin! Weird look in her eyes pregnant in the tree with all them Lost Boys that chicken dinner one - would! You never return it me I 'm gon na marry someone he just met out and the. About 2 months ago to help you out any way I know mama..., look who came crawling back on her hands and rub her knees down.... I climbed through the window of this marriage Tommy, you think you '... Poses ] n't buy nothing for $ 5.00, sheneneh to explain '! Is so nappy Wilson could n't make it in this blizzard is the Abominable Pam. And stares at sheneneh menacingly ] the best GIFs now > > Find GIFs the!, em, ploy, ment jacket up sheneneh i'm a lady gif with that cheap you. Butt, man outside with them drugs, ai n't got to explain nothin with. [ the gang sheneneh i'm a lady gif Tommy is a male model walking the runway ] Tommy Hi, I I! Notice, like go out was only this tiny thing here finger in Pam 's face Diet... The arm of girl at the club ] Stop the press me J.J. because Everything is!. Feet, your men home with your husbands, your men 's buckshots do n't need thumbs in,! Captain in this blizzard is the Abominable Snow Pam that was our one-year anniversary our. This place is so small, that was our one-year anniversary of 1st! Of that was our one-year anniversary of the 1st time you ever said the stew was so bad, closet!


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