In this period the buds have reached a good size and the stem have yet to become too woody. This is an ancient technique whereby the bud of the desired variety is fused onto an under-stock of either tree… If it’s a Flavor King pluot we want, then we take a piece of a branch from a Flavor King pluot tree and connect it to the rootstock tree. 10.) Bottom line is that grafting is best done in the fall. This union is held securely together with some sort of banding strap terminal flower bud, (Right) Trimmed Scion with a scions. If you can get a secondary bud as well, all the better. Keep the sand covered grafts at 70° F for six or seven days. If the graft has not developed any tree peony roots by this point, replant it deeper, at least 4” above the graft union. These desirable tree peony beginning in early August as next seasons buds become They can be left undisturbed for many years, but the method of planting is important with grafted varieties (see below). • Tree peonies need to be planted deeper. My field of tree peonies hasn't been watered for three years and they look sensational. In tree peonies, it involves implanting a scion of a desirable tree peony variety onto a piece of root from an herbaceous peony. Don’t be tempted to pick off the faded foliage in autumn – let it fall off naturally. Tree peonies are best planted much deeper than their herbaceous relatives. Either type of bud is suitable for grafting, but Begin to fertilize in the later spring after the leaves have turned fully green. These cuttings are known as “scions”. Click here to read our message regarding COVID19 and visiting the nursery this fall. desirable variety is prepared by cutting a wedge at the bottom of the scion. desirable plant variety onto another plant to encourage growth of the This union should be planted at least 6″ below the soil surface to leave enough room for the stem to create its own root system. They usually don't tell people how to plant such a peony. We do not recommend peat as a planting medium because of its acidity. If they are planted and cared for correctly, they will eventually grow from their own roots, too. Also a Some grafted tree peonies, if not planted to a proper depth, are prone to have their herbaceous under-stock sprout, or in horticultural terms, sucker. The nurse root is also prepared with a corresponding cleft to receive the Grafting tree peonies is similar to other kinds of grafting, but also differs in a few key ways. Standard Tree Peony suffruticosa moutan: Rockii: Japanese. The young shoots should be poking through the soil at this time. One of the main reasons tree peonies remain expensive plants is that grafting, a labor intensive and slow process, remains the most effective means of asexual propagation, or cloning. This is an ancient technique whereby the bud of the desired variety is fused onto an under-stock of either tree or herbaceous peony root. Unless they are grafted, plant peonies so that the crown (where the roots meet the stem) is 2 to 4 inches deep, using the same soil mixture as described above. Make sure that your cuts are on a level plain so that there will be good contact. Tree peonies on the market have almost always been grafted, usually onto herbaceous peony roots, but sometimes onto other tree peony roots. In closing, grafting tree peonies is not difficult and a rather high rate of suc-cess can be experienced with some practice. The nurse root from an herbaceous peony is a temporary union to establish the root to the scion. If it is grafted (many are), you should be able to see a knot where the tree peony was attached to the rootstock. The new grafts can send up their growth quite late. After six days, the grafts will have ‘taken’ and the healing will have begun. The goal is to have the cambium layer of the scion and the rootstock match up. This is only natural given that tree peonies are usually grafted onto herbaceous nurse roots until their own roots are strong enough to take over. This will encourage the tree peony to make fresh roots and basal shoots. If you do not have seedlings, a good healthy piece of root from any herbaceous peony will work very well. The grafted form uses the little piece of root to keep it alive till it sends out roots from the twig. There have been some reports of success in cell tissue micropropagation of tree peonies, though large-scale success has thus far proved elusive. Many tree peonies are grafted onto a rootstock. An article by English peony grower Jo Bennison on tree peony grafting. With so many varieties of peonies available these days, selecting the right peony for your garden can be confusing. We present here a low tech method with little specialized equipment for those dedicated gardeners who seek to propagate their own tree peonies. Plant bare rooted tree peonies deeply. The tree peonies that you can buy in stores, such as Costco and Wallmart are all grafted on herbaceous peony rootstock. This is an ancient technique whereby the bud of the desired variety is fused onto an under-stock of either tree or herbaceous peony root. from the ground the following spring potentially weakening a new plant. Planting Example: The graft is planted with the protected union below soil level and covered with a thin mulch. The sheer mass of the larger scion has the advantage of food storage We find that if the tree peony buds are still firm there is a good chance that the graft was successful.


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